Web Helper Browser Version History

16th November 2007 --> Version 2.0
Updated to use .net framework version 2.0, and to use Vista compatible data directories.
Changed default setting, a browser window is not opened by default when launching the application, only the capture window is opened.
Numerous minor tweaks and fixes.

29th August 2006 --> Version 1.1.1
Added startup code to tie the software to one running instance.

28th August 2006 --> Version 1.1
Image Saving Options activated by default.
Minor tweaks and fixes.
Removed embedded .NET framework, .NET version 1.1 must now be installed on the PC to run the software (this eliminated a number of issues, slightly improved performance, and reduced the download size).
New simpler version numbering!

1st December 2005 --> Version
The Flash bug wasn't fixed after all, but now it is. Also, added new beta options for saving images (Activate via Tools -> Browser Options -> Enabled Recommended Beta Options).

25th November 2005 --> Version
Added new help menu options.
Fixed a bug that left background music playing after flash windows were closed.
Added Ctrl+L shortcut.
Removed an unnecessary warning dialog from the Note window.
Added F1 shortcut key for help.

23rd November 2005 --> Version 1.0.3
Updated formatting when looking at saved items.
New Context menu options on capture window.
Can now access search options, recent history, and open from clipboard using the capture window.
New Go context menu option to go to a selected plain text link.
Updated Notes, can now have multiple notes open, edit notes, and drag and drop text to notes.
Follow Links menu options added: If you select a group of links in a web page, select follow links to use the automation feature to automatically open and save each destination page. Other Follow Links options in the menu include follow images and follow links like this.
Added some sorting options and a new Mixed View for the Web Helper tree.
Added the Organize Project option, which allows you to bulk delete saved items, or move them to another project (archiving etc).
Some internal changes to saving and html processing to improve accuracy and reliability.

12th May 2005 --> Version
Some last minute minor internal amendments.

11th May 2005 --> Version
Now in English, Spanish and Italian.
Added Save a Screenshot option to the Capture Window menu.
Web Helper Search Results updated.
Search Engine Locales can now be selected in Search Engine Options.
History Sidebar updated.
Form layouts tweaked to support new languages.
Other minor bug fixes and amendments.

8th April 2005 --> Version
New beta feature, saved web pages can now be refreshed in bulk.

7th April 2005 --> Version
Fixed Minor Config Issue.
Some Cosmetic Changes.
Project name is now displayed in Web Helper search results.

6th April 2005 --> Version
Improved System Resource handling.
New beta feature, capture screenshots during browser automation.
New beta feature, automate a list of links from an XML file.

31st March 2005 --> Version
Improved Mozilla Drag and Drop support.
Improved support for Frames.
Double-clicking on capture window opens new browser.
Added Save Multiple Links, Add Multiple Links to project, and Add Multiple Images to project.
Added Manage Favorites option.

23rd March 2005 --> Version
First Public Release.

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Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista with Internet Explorer 6 or higher and .NET 2.0
Recommended Minimum System: Pentium III, 128 MB RAM